Humility Now

Remaining t-shirt inventory on sale for a limited time!

Hey everyone!

It’s been along time, but I hope you’re all doing well. As many of you know, Humility Now is no longer active as a volunteer event organizing group. Throughout the year and a half of our group’s existence we sold t-shirts, gave away t-shirts, set-up volunteer events, fed thousands of our homeless friends, spoke about doing good and giving to those who ask at many places throughout the country, and even derailed a law that would make it illegal to feed to homeless in Miami. We list these things not to boast about ourselves, but about you. The volunteers, friends, activists, artists, musicians, and all around great people who helped us do what we do.

Now, a few months after closing our doors, we still receive emails almost daily about the t-shirts we sell, and how one can purchase them. So, we’ve decided to re-list our remaining inventory of fifty or so shirts for the next few weeks, and we’ve decided to only charge $5 for each one!

So, if you’ve been itching to get your hands on one of our shirts this is your last chance!

Click HERE to see what we have!

As always, grace and peace,

Julio and David



We are so lucky that we had David Merida from Humility Now on tour with us for the past week. Humility Now does so many things right; they don’t just feed the homeless but work to build meaningful relationships with people and help get them into a better place. Humility Now recognizes the importances of true development, that band-aid solutions help hold a situation together but don’t necessarily bring meaningful change. In my conversations with David, he told me how people think “well they are poor so that they should just take whatever they can get and not be picky.” But we have to remember that they are people, with needs and feelings and taste. At Colormake, we always talk about the importance of reintroducing choice back into the lives of people who have had their right of choice taken away, and I think that applies perfectly to the homeless. People just impose their thoughts on them, telling them what they should have done better or what they should do now, removing their right to choice and their dignity as people. In an incredibly simple act, Humility Now is reintroducing choice back into the lives of people who are always settling with what other people give them. Instead of just handing them some food, simply asking “what would you want to eat?” can go a long way in helping them feel valued and heard.

Written by Anna Schuck
Colormake Community Projects Director
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Introducing our first international Local Advocates group: Tijuana, Mexico!

Maria Garcia Fernandez is our Local Advocate Group Leader for Tijuana, Mexico. She recently started this group to involve her existing non-profit organization Your Brother’s House. Here’s a few words:

Your Brother’s House International is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to helping those in need. We provide food, clothes, and shelter to the poor, the orphans, the single moms and the homeless. Our Mission in Mexico also helps the incarcerated and people rehabilitating from addictions. Giving of ourselves in order to help others is a humbling experience that brings unlimited joy and fulfillment to our lives. That is why we feel inspired by Humility Now; their Vision to serve and honor the lives of people in our society that are hurting runs parallel with the heart of Your Brother’s House International and the heart of God.

We are thrilled to partner with them in their mission, as a Local Advocate group, and encourage others to do the same. It is a moving and worthy cause.

Maria Garcia-Fernandez

Want to join Maria and Your Brother’s House International in Tijuana, Mexico? Get in contact with her through our Mexico page! Interested in starting a group like Maria did? Visit our Local Advocates page, click your state and get started!