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An Invitation - by Dan Arenas, a Local Advocate.

Dan Arenas is our Local Advocate Group Leader for West Palm Beach, Florida. He recently started this group and interacting with the homeless in his community. Here’s a few words:

Have you ever wondered how can you make a difference?

I have, plenty of times. And the truth is that sometimes we get so caught up in thinking how to make a big difference that we forget that our everyday actions can bloom into that big difference we want to make. Each of these small acts will make a meaningful difference in someone’s life, and hopefully fill you with joy and satisfaction. I experienced this first hand last week at Phil Foster Park in Riviera Beach.

I decided to come out and join our homeless friends. I brought some fruit and water to share with them. Two of them (Steve and Doug) joined the table and we started talking. We talked about football, politics, shared personal stories and so on. We even grilled some chicken on the park grills!. They were so grateful for my presence and for giving them my time, and the feeling was mutual. All they wanted was to be heard, someone to remind them they are not forgotten and that they are human beings just like you and me. I left them with the promise of coming back next week.

This morning I decided to go back and spend some time with them again. To my surprise there was four of them not two. Steve and Doug had spread the word that I was coming back and brought two friends that wanted to be part of it. One of them asked me if I had more friends that shared the idea, because he could easily find 20 people to come out!. I told them it was work in progress and that hopefully soon we could get more people to join us and share with us. I invite you to take that next step and give our homeless friends some of your time, I promise you the reward is priceless. I can personally tell you that this has been the most amazing and humbling experience in my 29 years. As a friend once told me, “You must remember to keep your head up or you’ll miss your rainbows”. Help us be that supporting hand that will give our homeless friends the opportunity to see their rainbows.

Dan Arenas

Want to join Dan in West Palm Beach? Get in contact with him through our Florida page! Interested in starting a group like Dan did? Visit our Local Advocates page, click your state and get started!

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

Pras Michel | Humility Now

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